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Infinity DIversity Matters, LLC

Advocate: Diversity-Equity-Social Justice



Infinity: Diversity Matters, LLC is dedicated to shift the mindset of individuals and organizations toward philosophical and realistic change in support of  diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice and cultural competency.  Services are provided to shape schools and organizations in which individuals, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, language, religion or any other dimension of diversity and identity, have equitable opportunities to achieve and to be safe, valued, affirmed, and empowered.


We provide services, tools, resources, and coaching so that participants can enhance their level of consciousness enabling them to use the knowledge to support diversity and equity. This is done in a culturally sensitive and responsive manner to build the momentum to empower participants.


Whether through training or consultation, we will assist clients with creating and sustaining an environment that actively embraces diversity, equity and inclusion.  The ultimate goal is to coach and train individuals and organizations to play a critical role to address inequity and injustice.


The mission of Infinity: Diversity Matters, LLC is to intentionally provide leadership to promote diversity and equity. We offer authentic, genuine and supportive collaboration, assisting our clients with customized consulting, coaching and training services. 


Content and methodology are based on principles of human behavior drawn from the fields of anthropology, psychology, and sociology in the context of deep learning. Beginning with the personal level, learners relate the challenges and content to their own lives and experiences. Participants will receive guidance and information on the application of learning, helping them transfer the awareness, knowledge, and skills obtained. The goal is to provide participants with tools they can apply immediately.

Sessions are engaging and designed for adult learners. Content is relevant as determined through client collaboration. We are dedicated to assist organizations with developing the skills to remain on the equity path! 


Dr. Greta Peay joined the Clark County School District (CCSD) in 1987, following eight awesome years of service within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System, Charlotte, North Carolina. She has dedicated more than 39 years of service to the education profession. Her career is best described as a change agent and an advocate for social justice and equitable opportunities. Additionally, Greta is a bilingual speaker.

Founder of Clark County School District

Greta is locally and nationally known for her professional development skills to educate others about best practices in the areas of literacy, language acquisition, cultural responsiveness, equity, diversity, and inclusion.  She retired from the Clark County School District as the Chief Instructional Services Officer. There, she was responsible for divisions such as:

    • Assessment, Accountability, Research and School Improvement
    • Adult Education and Alternative Education
    • Athletics and Fine Arts
    • CCSD Charter Schools
    • College and Career Readiness
    • Curriculum and Professional Development
    • English Language Learner Programs
    • Equity and Diversity Education
    • Grants Department, Inclusive of Title I and Title II Federal Grants
    • Indian Education Opportunities Program
    • Magnet Schools
    • Student Services Division, Special Education

Throughout her career, she served as:

  • An Elementary and a Middle School Teacher
  • A Title 1 Language Arts Learning Strategist
  • An English Language Learner Specialist
  • A Literacy Specialist
  • A Regional Professional Development Literacy Trainer for Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program
  • A Special Education Middle School Teacher
  • An Elementary Level School Site Principal
  • A CCSD Northeast Region Coordinator
  • A Director of Support Staff and Teacher Recruitment
  • A Director of Equity and Diversity and an Adjunct Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Greta Peay attended a Historic Black University in Durham, North Carolina; North Carolina Central University. Her ultimate dream is to attend law school to earn a juris doctor degree. She is licensed in two states: North Carolina and Nevada. She completed 80 curriculum  hours – earning a diploma from the Intercultural Research Development Academy.


  • Gender Justice Nevada Visionary Award, 2018
  • Parent Citywide Impactful Women TrailBlazer in Education, 2018
  • District Level Administrator of the Year - National Association of School Boards, 2016
  • Public Education Executive Leadership Academy, 2015
  • Golden Hall of Fame Distinguished Award, 2016

    • Educator of the Year - Black Caucus, 2013
    • Clark County School District Chief of Police Outstanding Leader Award, 2011
    • Clark County School District Hall of Fame, 2000
    • Minority Affairs Excellence in Education Award, 1989
    • Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. A Public Service Sorority, 1975
Publication Board


Dr. Milton Bennett, Founder and Executive Director 

Intercultural Development Research Institute

Nakia Barker

McKeever Middle School Administrator

Adam Berger

Secondary Level Educator and Diversity Liaison

Dr. Dawn Burns, Chief Strategy Officer

Nevada Department of Education

Cedric Cole, Professional Executive

Equal Employment Opportunity, American with Disabilities Act, Title IX

Jennifer Courrier, Human Resources Director

Communities in Schools of Nevada

Carolyn Dunlap

Retired Detective Essex County Prosecutor's Office

 Newark, New Jersey

Ramona Esparza 

Nevada Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents

Dr. Jeff Geihs,  Executive Director

Nevada Association of School Administrators

Jeffrey Hernandez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

National Academic Educational Partners

Gail Hudson

National Board Certified Educator and Nevada Teacher of the Year

Marsha Irvin

Retired Clark County School District Region Superintendent

Melissa Kaiser, Chief Executive Officer

Discovery Children's Museum

Dr. Nicole Klimow, Assistant Professor

Department of Teacher Education and Foundations

California State University, San Bernardino

Tracy Lewis

Community Outreach Advocate

Dr. Beverly Mathis

Retired Clark County School District Principal

Clark County School District Namesake- Dr. Beverly S. Mathis Elementary School 

Ruben Murillo, President

Nevada State Education Association 

Richard Neal, Chief Executive Officer

Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada Inc.

Terri Olsen

Retired Clark County School District Employee and Small Business Owner

Dr.  Cynthia Rapazzini

Author and Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Vincent Richardson

Diversity  Educational Specialist and U.S. Veteran

Ignacio Ruiz, Assistant Superintendent

  President of Nevada Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents

Pat Skorkowsky

Retired Clark County School District Superintendent

Olivia Williams-Taylor

Retired Special Education Advocate

Michelle L. Trujillo

Author and School Climate Specialist

Dr. Rose Owens West, Director


Albert Williams, North Carolina Central University Alumni

Retired System Analyst Global Crossing

Yvette Williams, Chair

Clark County Black Caucus

Kim Wooden

Retired Clark County School District  Deputy Superintendent

Cynthia Glover Woods, Chief Academic Officer

Riverside County Office of Education

You may request contact information for references via the Service Request Form located on the Contact Page of the website.

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