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Careers Services


We assist organizations and schools to develop a framework and shared language for institutional equity by  providing customized consulting, coaching, and professional learning services.


  • Conference and Institutes- We will assist with organizing and developing conference framework related to diversity and cultural competency, as well as present on requested topics, per client’s needs.
  • Curricular, Pedagogical, or Instructional- We provide services to help educators strengthen classroom practices related to equity. The focus is student engagement, culturally responsive practices, and equity literacy.
  • Customized Diversity Sessions- We provide customized services including components of diversity related to gender identity and gender expression.
  • Leadership Development- Infinity: Diversity Matters, LLC will provide leadership development services. We also develop sessions specific to administrators, managers, supervisors, and other institutional and community leaders. 
  • Introductory and Framework Building- The focus of this workshop is to assist organizations with developing an equity framework and shared language. 
  • Institutional Transformation- This module is for organizations ready to move beyond introductory framework building and toward organizational or institutional transformation. Facilitation of courageous conversations that are vital to cultivating transformation is the focus of this session. 
  • Virtual Sessions- Customized interactive virtual services are available. We will facilitate the virtual sessions and/or develop the presentation for your organization to use in a virtual format.
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