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National Association of Workshop Directors

  • Dr. Peay really enhanced my knowledge about the components of diversity. I really appreciated the research about the eight core components.
  • Information shared and discussed for a Sunday morning was refreshing and I can’t wait to take this back to my school district. I could tell the presenter had some engaging and rich experiences working with a diverse group of people and situations.
  • Thank you, Dr. Greta for having a courageous conversation with us about gender diversity and for sharing the basic terminology. All educators and leaders need this information.


Leadership Team and Board of Trustees Discovery Children’s Museum Retreat

  • I would recommend Infinity Diversity Matters team to provide diversity and equity professional learning workshops any day! The team was consistent with the message for the day and they all are very knowledgeable.
  • The Stages of Cultural Competency was new to me and this workshop will motivate me to learn more on my own. Wish we had more time to discuss.
  • Dr. Greta Peay is so professional. She is organized and personable when presenting and facilitating!


2019 2nd Annual Toe Tag Gala and Award Ceremony

                • Dr. Peay, you were a great MC for this Gala. You kept the energy moving.
                • Your presence was added value to this event and we appreciate you!
                • You are the best! Thank you for your support.


Teach to Lead Initiative

                • Dr. Peay- you are an amazing presenter and facilitator for adult learners.
                • I have never heard culturally responsive teaching explained the way you did and
                  with research to support the information- You Rock!
                • Thank you for including a follow-up activity with this presentation- the follow up is great!

Saturday, October 12, 2019 | Nevada State Department Critical Friends Comment

Teach to Lead Initiative

                • Thank you for supporting educators and this very important project.

                • Your feedback and comments about our project were very insightful and reflective.

                • We appreciate the time and support you gave us on a Saturday and especially since you are retired.

Friday, October 18, 2019 | Black Student Union Network Student Comments:

Officers Retreat

                • The 19 tips to help me as a student to be proud of myself really stuck with me.

                • I like the information about FEAR and what it really means and how to manage FEAR- thanks, Dr. Peay!

                • I wish I had you for a teacher- keep up the great work you do for students and teachers, and others.

Monday, October 28, 2019 | Riverside County Office of Education Comments:

Instruction Unit/Education Services Division

                • It is nice to reflect on the personal values and priorities that might influence how you perceive others- thank you for facilitating this, Dr. Peay.

                • Thank you for reminding us that EQUITY is an ongoing journey- wish I had known you when I first began my career.

                • Your statement- “It is important to be aware of our own biases to better serve and lead.” You are a courageous presenter, Dr. Greta.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019/Las Vegas Sun Newspaper Comments: 

2019 Youth Forum

                • Thank you for facilitating a very productive conversation with the high school students.
                • You helped the students to tackle difficult questions about climate and gun control.
                • Your moderation skills are superb- you had some difficult topics to cover with the students.

Saturday, November 16, 2019 /Nevada Association of School

Administrators Comments: 

2019 Fall Conference

                • Thank you for introducing us to David Livermore’s research on Cultural Intelligence.
                • A great presenter; real, knowledgeable and transparent.
                • A great discussion- you read the audience well. It was a lot of deep reflection. 


Professional Learning Series

                • Great presentation-heart filled with credible information.
                • We need more time with Dr. Peay - so much knowledge. Come back soon!
                • Very well done - looking forward to future sessions. Excellent professional learning- worth the time.

Monday, March 16, 2020 | K-12 EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP COMMENTS:

Professional Learning Series

      • Dr. Peay really enhanced my knowledge about the components of being a culturally responsive leader. I really appreciated the research about Cultural Intelligence via Dr. David Livermore’s research.
      • Really appreciated the time to focus on an equity statement and the key components for a great mission statement devoted to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - you are the best, Dr. Peay - so real!
      • Thank you, Dr. Greta for having a courageous conversation with us about equity, cultural responsiveness and cultural intelligence. Thanks for reminding us what effective leaders should do if they are committed to EQUITY! I appreciate the use of technology to train us via Webinar.


Professional Learning Series

      • Keep pushing out the information and research about Adverse Childhood Experiences. This was an eye opener for me.
      • Thank you for the rich overview of Dr. Eric Jensen’s research about poverty and how to help those living in poverty with the emphasis on students.
      • This was one of the BEST professional developments I have attended this year! Even though we are faced with the COVID-19, my mind was relaxed and happy with the learning today due to your personality and the command on the topic. I love the online Webinar format!

Saturday, September 12, 2020 | ANTS in THE PANTS ORGANIZATION COMMENTS:

Fine Arts Team and Executive Leadership Professional Learning

      • I feel well informed.
      • Thank you, Dr. Peay for putting this together for us on a Saturday!
      • This session gave me insight from a different perspective- wish we had more time.


Executive and School Site Team

      • Thank you for sharing the research- gave me something to think about.
      • The topic of social justice is huge-you made us think, reflect and motivated to advocate for students and families.
      • This was the best training I have ever participated in about diversity and equity. Most training about this subject is so negative and only about race. Dr. Greta, you should write a book on how to facilitate critical diversity and equity workshops. 

Friday, October 9, 2020 | COMMUNITIES in SCHOOLS COMMENTS:

State and Executive Leadership Team

      • Greta, you created a safe place for us to have this very important conversation.
      • This lady, Dr. Greta is a great facilitator for tough discussions!
      • Loved it- the details and visuals were current and on point.


Gordon Educational Technologies, Inc.

Somers, New York • Educational Consultant

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop that Greta Peay led at a conference I attended. It was before COVID-19, so it was in person. Greta is a commanding presence. The topic of the importance of educators understanding cultural intelligence was handled in a sensitive manner that allowed the participants to come to the subject convinced that they needed to learn. She is gifted at making everyone in the room feel accepted and respected. The entire experience was transformative. I recommend Greta Peay for any school district struggling with the recent focus on racial inequality. Her gentle yet firm approach will help administrators, teachers, and staff.


Code Switch: Restorative Justice for Girls of Color

Henderson, Nevada • Education and Mentorship

Enthusiastic Facilitator with extensive experience engaging equity work! Highly recommended! Oh, she is so real and smart.


First Step Online

North Las Vegas, Nevada • Educational Consultant

Infinity, LLC helped our school with the tough conversations that needed to be had. Because of Infinity, we all have a clearer and better understanding on how to address the needs of our students and community's needs. Thanks, you Infinity.

Educator and Social Justice Advocate

Las Vegas • Educational Consultant

Dr. Peay comes with an extensive background concerning diversity education and she has a network of colleagues well verse in the area also in business, social justice, and community outreach.

Dr. Nancy Sylvanie. Inc.

Henderson, Nevada• Educational Consultant

Greta is the best in her field. Greta provides research-based data. Greta uses current research to form current curriculum.

January – April 2022 | COMMENTS: 

State of Maine 

Penobscot River Educational Partnership

Loved the energy and positivity of Dr. Greta. The topic of focus was so relevant for us. Social- emotional learning; not just for children, but adults also! I was able to really reflect and think about my life and where I need to improve. WOW- to be able to discuss such difficult, but critical information with over two hundred people on the Zoom session was amazing!

She helped us to really reflect and think in a true, real, and positive way. I have never heard this type of training done this way- this was great, and the presenter did a good job with a difficult topic. I see why leadership trust this lady. I am more open minded-class was great. I felt I was in a productive college class. Greta has a gift.

Goodwill of Southern Nevada 

Leadership Team

Dear Dr. Peay,

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I appreciated your DEI training. I always thought I was pretty "awake" and understood about diversity etc., all along. However, in the last year, I have grown in leaps and bounds in understanding, addressing my own perceptions and reactions for identifying the obstacles in place for my students, friends, and fellow residents of this wonderful planet.

Your training helped me understand further and is encouraging me to self-examine even more. I am looking forward to the next training and I am grateful for your leadership in teaching us.

Dr. Ken Turner, Senior Fellow, Guinn Policy Center 

Carson City, NV, Management Consultant

It is uncommon for me to offer an unqualified recommendation, yet, in this case, it is warranted. Ask knowledgeable educational practitioners what matters most in their daily work and what you’re likely to hear is “equity.” Ask school leaders the same question and chances are you’ll hear how equity is “top of mind.”

So, while there is wide agreement on the importance of equity in education today, many if not most educators will say they feel ill-equipped to lead staff and colleagues to higher ground. Rare is the individual who has the mindset, the skill set, and the temperament needed to be effective in building staff capacity with respect to equity. Dr. Greta Peay is such an individual.

Recognizing that equity work is more about changing hearts and minds than policies and practices, Greta deeply understands that equity work is an “inside-out proposition.” Clear-eyed and unflinching about the importance of confronting bias and prejudice, she nonetheless meets individuals where they are and treats everyone with respect and sensitivity.

The consummate professional, through her skillful questioning, Dr. Peay makes it possible for leaders to find their voice, stand in their own truth, and develop the knowledge and skill needed to chart a way forward for themselves, their colleagues, the organizations they lead, and the students and staff they serve.

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